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The Kendrick Brothers Team up with Kirk Cameron for a New Movie

The brother duo reunites with the actor who starred in "Fireproof," their first big hit.

Stephen Kendrick, Kirk Cameron and Alex Kendrick (from left) are back together for a new feature film. Image: Alex Kendrick/Instagram.

The Kendrick Brothers, the top filmmakers in the faith-based genre, launched production this week of their seventh feature film. We will say right up front that there are not many details out about this movie: what it's called, what it's about, where it's being shot, when it will release, et cetera. Christian Film Blog has been able to glean some information, however, from social media and our own past reporting and that is what follows below.

That Christian actor Kirk Cameron is in the movie is certain because Alex Kendrick posted it on Instagram three days ago, saying he and his brother, Stephen Kendrick, are "excited to be working with Kirk Cameron again on this new feature!" In 2008, Cameron starred opposite Erin Bethea in the Kendrick Brothers' breakout hit Fireproof, and the actor had announced in 2019 that he was planning to do a new film with the brothers, so this apparently is it.

While nothing definitive has been said about the plot of this movie, Christian Film Blog suspects it is a pro-life story that the Kendricks had previously mentioned they would make and which we reported on here last spring. If that's the case, it's a true story about an adopted teen who meets his birth mother, a woman who planned to abort him but decided at the last minute not to go through with the procedure.

Alex Kendrick during production of his new movie. Image: Alex Kendrick/Instagram.

Aside from Cameron, it would seem from social media that Alex Kendrick will also play an on-screen role, which he usually does in the movies he directs and Stephen produces. That's because he posted some pictures of himself filming a chase scene on ATVs this week.

Clips of the action are quite dynamic and it looks like Alex has done a fair amount of riding before because he seems quite comfortable moving through the woods at high speed. Nevertheless, during filming he ended up colliding with the camera, which was mounted on a pickup truck that was driving in front of him during the scene, as you can see for yourself in this clip on Instagram. We are happy to report that Alex wasn't seriously injured, saying in the post, he's "good to go," and thanking the "on set" nurse for rendering assistance.

Christian Film Blog will continue to follow the production and bring you developments as we get them. In the meantime, let's all keep the team in our prayers: this one looks like it has some dicey stunts in it!

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01 mei 2021

I have to watch Fireproof! And I'm looking forward to seeing this film! You all make a great team for God's people with Faith, Hope & Love! Thank You for all your good works.

01 mei 2021
Reageren op

Yes, "Fireproof" is a good one and Alex has a small part in it at the end, playing a pastor, which he was at the time: he was on staff at Sherwood Baptist Church in Georgia, which made the movie and where Erin Bethea's father was the lead pastor.

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