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Details out on Kendrick Brothers' Next Project

Breaking with tradition, the Christian filmmakers' coming production will tackle a true story.

Alex Kendrick in a scene from "Overcomer." Image: Affirm Films.

All six of the faith-based feature films from the brother duo of Alex Kendrick and Stephen Kendrick have fit a pattern: a fictional tale that focuses on an important aspect of life - finding our identity in Christ, as in the case of their 2018 picture Overcomer, for example - and doing it from a so-called Christian worldview. And they have enjoyed enormous success, riding that formula to the top of the heap among filmmakers in the Christian genre.

The Kendricks plan to head in a slightly new direction with their next movie, though, changing one aspect of the template. In an interview with Movieguide, Alex says the picture will be based on a true story of an adopted teenager who meets his biological parents. Adding to the drama, the boy narrowly escaped death at the hands of an abortionist before he was born, thanks to a last second change of heart by his birth mother.

"She was laying there to have the procedure and she felt like God was saying, 'There's still time, there's still time.' She got up. She told the doctor to stop. She walked out and her boyfriend was like, 'What are you doing?" And she gave the baby up for adoption."

Wow, what a powerful instance of life-saving divine intervention. The boy ended up being adopted by a Christian family and Kendrick says the story is another reminder that "life is precious."

He and his brother, Stephen, originally intended to shoot the movie this summer, but the coronavirus scare scuppered those plans. They are now aiming for fall and hope to release the as-yet unnamed film a year after that. Christian Film Blog will follow developments and keep you posted. In the meantime, check out the full article from Movieguide.


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