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Candace Cameron Bure Wants Children to find Someone Who Loves Jesus

The mother of three hopes they will pair themselves off with other Christians.

Candace Cameron Bure in a promotional photo for her clothing line. Image: Candace Cameron Bure Clothing.

Here at Christian Film Blog, we love Candace Cameron Bure not only because she is a talented Christian actress, but also because she is probably the most constantly outspoken Hollywood star when it comes to publicly taking a stand for the Faith. We thus cover her a lot, as you can see here, here and here.

Candace Cameron Bure, husband Valeri Bure and (from left) their children Maksim, Natasha and Lev. Image: Candace Cameron Bure/Instagram.

A recent interview with Us Weekly gives a prime example of Cameron Bure in action. She and her husband Valeri - who are celebrating their 25th anniversary this month - have three adult children: Natasha, 22; Lev, 21; and Maksim, 19. And they came up in the discussion with the publication.

When asked what she wants in those to whom they are amorously attracted, the 45-year-old Hallmark Channel star unflinchingly makes clear that Christianity comes first, indicating she is very likely committed to the guidance given in II Corinthians 6:14 about our not being "yoked together with unbelievers," as the NIV translation puts it.

"When it comes down to it, I just want (their significant others) to love Jesus the way I love Jesus. That's all I really want. Is that too much to ask for? Yeah, it's not too much."

Well said, Candace! And since all three of her children are as yet single, this is an issue that is still in play for the family. With children of our own in a similar age range, we know the feeling and are sure she continually lifts the issue up in prayer, as do we with ours.


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