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Candace Cameron Bure out Early with a Christmas Devotional

The Hallmark Channel regular wants it to help "bring the merry and joy" during the Yuletide season.

Candace Cameron Bure shows off a copy of her new Christmas devotional. Image: Candace Cameron Bure/Instagram screenshot.

Out less than a week, Bring On The Merry: 25 Days of Great Joy for Christmas has already shot to number one in Amazon's Christmas-book category. That comes as little surprise to us since Candace Cameron Bure is not only a big star on the Hallmark family of TV networks, but also a best-selling author.

A screenshot of Candace Cameron Bure's new devotional atop Amazon's Christmas-book category. Image:

And the self-billed Queen of Christmas has lots of experience writing devotionals in particular, as we've reported here, here and here: seven of them to date and two devotional Bibles to boot! As with the earlier efforts, the actress and committed Christian has Hallmark's muscle behind her latest endeavor because she's once again teamed with the company's DaySpring Christian division to publish this book.

A hardback edition, it runs 192 pages and features Scripture and 25-days of activity journaling to help readers "pause and reflect on the reason for the season while making time for peace, joy and opportunities to serve others," according to the publisher's synopsis. In a social media post, Cameron Bure says she hopes the devotional will "bring the merry and the joy to every situation during Christmas." She also expresses gratitude for the book's reception from her fans.

"So grateful to you all and love seeing how much you guys want to spend time with your Creator in His Word."

The devotional costs $16.99 if you buy it directly from is oddly $27.99 at Amazon...and you get it via this link to the publisher's website. A great time to buy for those of you marking Christmas in July or if you like to get your normal Christmas shopping done really early!

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