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Candace Cameron Bure out with New Devotional

The Christian actress hopes this journal will help draw other women closer to the Lord.

Candace Cameron Bure on the set of "Fuller House." Image: "Fuller House."

Called 100 Days of Joy and Strength: a Devotional Journal, this is the latest publication from Candace Cameron Bure, who is a best-selling author in addition to being a big name in Hollywood. The actress is also a committed and outspoken Believer and strong advocate for women, and her Christian sisters are the target audience.

The cover of Candace Cameron Bure's new devotional. Image: DaySpring.

As you no doubt inferred from the title, the publication has 100 daily devotions, each of which is laid out on two pages that feature a topic with an inspirational message, a scripture from the Bible, a suggested prayer and blank space for journaling and note taking. A stated aim of the journal is to help users find an "overwhelming peace" that is exclusive to those who are "resting in God's joy and relying on His strength."

That is not always an easy task for Christians in our hectic modern world, but Cameron Bure certainly seems to know how to balance a very, very busy life. Aside from starring in Fuller House, countless Hallmark movies, being an author and an ambassador for The Salvation Army, she is also a wife and mother of three young-adult children: that is a lot to juggle and still maintain one's focus on the God.

But maintain it she does. In a social media post announcing the publication of the devotional, Cameron Bure says she believes the journal can help other women do so as well.

"It starts your day off right or ends your day well and gets you thinking. And it helps you stay connected to the Lord."

The devotional is published by DaySpring, a Christian card and gift company that is a subsidiary of Hallmark, and it costs $16.99. If you're interested in purchasing it, you can do so via this link to DaySpring. And with all the current uncertainty connected to the coronavirus, this is a perfect time to find that aforementioned "overwhelming peace" that God alone can provide.


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