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"Washington's Armor" to Make its Television Debut

Updated: Feb 20, 2022

The faith-based drama about the early career of George Washington fittingly premieres on President's Day.

Micah Lynn Hanson and Willie Mellina appear in a scene from "Washington's Armor."
Micah Lynn Hanson and Willie Mellina appear in a scene from the movie. Image: "Washington's Armor."

After multiple rounds of production, delays, fundraising, a format change and more production, Washington's Armor is finally releasing to the public. From Christian director Tammy Lane, this is the first installment of a trilogy about the future president and it is set 20 years prior to the Revolutionary War, when George Washington was a young man and still a loyal subject of the British Crown.

Lane was inspired to tell the story by a book entitled The Bullet Proof George Washington. Written by historian David Barton, it details how the providence and protection of God helped Washington serve through the French and Indian War unharmed. Both the book and the film rely heavily on the future founding father's own journals as source material.

Michael W. Smith and Tammy Lane discuss a scene during production of "Washington's Armor."
Michael W. Smith and Tammy Lane discuss a scene during production. Image: "Washington's Armor.

We first wrote about this project back in 2019, when it launched production in Upstate New York. Lane and her team subsequently filmed scenes in Virginia - Washington's home state - Oklahoma, and Texas at a studio she owns there. Christian Film Blog was able to screen the first episode of what originally was planned as a multi-part miniseries and came away impressed, as we said in a review at the time.

It has now evolved into what will eventually be three movies, and the locations, sets, props, costumes, et cetera, are all top-notch and lend a feel of authenticity to the production. Texas actor Willie Mellina plays the part of Washington and benefits from a particularly strong supporting cast, including Timothy Perez-Ross, Jordan Walker Ross (of The Chosen-fame), contemporary Christian music star Michael W. Smith, and - in the role of the future Mrs. Washington - Micah Lynn Hanson, who played a leading role in our first feature film, Miracle on Christmas.

Washington's Armor debuts on President's Day - Monday, February 21st at 8:00 PM EST/7:00 PM CST - on NTD television network. You can find out how to view the movie via this link to the channel's website. The trailer below will give you a feel for what to expect in the meantime.


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