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Trailer Releases for "God's Not Dead: We the People"

The fourth installment of this faith-based franchise hits theaters in the fall.

A social media poster promoting "God's Not Dead: We the People." Image: Pinnacle Peak Pictures/Facebook.

As the title and poster art make clear, God's Not Dead: We the People is taking on the powers that be in the U.S. federal government. David A.R. White is back in his role as Reverend Dave and will be fighting for the rights of Christian home schoolers in this one.

The franchise launched back in 2014 with God's Not Dead, starring Christian actor Kevin Sorbo as an atheist college professor challenged by one of his students who is a Believer. The two sequels also had hot-button political/faith topics at the center of the plot, so this latest version continues that trend.

In the movie, a judge threatens legal action against a home schooling co-op, according to the synopsis, prompting "Reverend Dave and members of his congregation to travel to Washington D.C. to defend not only their rights, but the rights of all people." Joining White in the principal roles are Christian singer Francesca Battistelli and Antonio Sabato; former jurist and current Fox News host Jeanine Pirro plays the aforementioned judge.

Unlike the first three God's Not Dead films, which came from Pure Flix, this one is a Pinnacle Peak Pictures' production; that's the name of the new company after Sony Pictures bought the Pure Flix streaming platform last year. The trailer below seems to indicate, however, the film will have a similar feel to its predecessors when it releases on an as yet unannounced date in the fall.


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