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Sony Scoops up Pure Flix Streaming Platform

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

The entertainment behemoth will fold the service into its growing faith-based division.

Sony Pictures is not only one of the leading studios in Hollywood, it is also one of the most eager to capture the Christian audience, having for years produced and distributed faith-based hits like Soul Surfer, Heaven is for Real, Fireproof and War Room (the latter two from the Kendrick Brothers), via Affirm Films.

And last year, it announced the creation of a television division under the Affirm banner, so this acquisition makes perfect sense. This deal will see Pure Flix streaming service become a wholly owned subsidiary of Affirm Entertainment and will bring with it current company leaders Michael Scott, chief executive, and David A.R. White, chief content officer, both of whom are founding partners of Pure Flix.

Sony executive Keith Le Goy, who is president of networks and distribution, praised the streaming platform in a statement, saying it has done "an amazing job of building a robust community of engaged subscribers," and adding that Sony sees it as a good opportunity for growth.

"Pure Flix is a natural fit with our Affirm brand, which is known for high quality, uplifting, inspiration content."

Christian Film Blog would be remiss if we did not mention here that our first feature film, Miracle on Christmas, is among the many offerings currently streaming on the Pure Flix platform, though this acquisition has no bearing on us per se.

At any rate, the deal - much like the 2018 agreement that brought the Christian filmmaking duo of Andrew Erwin and Jon Erwin into the Lionsgate family - is a clear indicator of the growing importance of the faith-based genre in the American entertainment landscape. Hollywood is taking notice of the impact Christian consumers can have on the bottom line and looking to cash in.


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