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"Sight" Lands in the Top-25 in Ticket Sales over the Weekend

The film tells the true story of a Chinese man's journey from communist oppression to world renown as a leading eye surgeon.

Terry Chen (left) and Greg Kinnear appear in digital promotional artwork for "Sight."
Terry Chen (left) and Greg Kinnear appear in promotional artwork for "Sight." Image: Angel Studios.

During its fourth weekend in release, Sight brought in almost $70,000, according to figures provided by The Numbers website. That is a drop of nearly 75% from the previous weekend, and it puts the picture in 23rd place overall from Friday through Sunday, which is down from 17th position over the same period. It has now grossed more than $7 million since its debut 24 days ago.

The picture, which stars Terry Chen and Greg Kinnear, tells the story of a now famous cataract and LASIK eye surgeon who endured deep emotional trauma in his totalitarian homeland before moving to the United States, where he blossomed in his profession and eventually found healing through forgiveness of his oppressors.


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