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Alexa PenaVega Cites God's "Supernatural Peace" after the Loss of Her Newborn

The Christian actress took to social media to update followers and thank them for their prayers in a message raw with emotion.

Alexa and Carlos PenaVega appear together in a scene from their 2017 movie "Enchanted Christmas."
Alexa and Carlos PenaVega appear together in a scene from their 2017 movie "Enchanted Christmas." Image: Hallmark Media.

Alexa PenaVega and her husband Carlos are still in mourning the over their daughter Indy, who was stillborn a little over a month ago. She was the Christian couples' fourth child and Alexa acknowledged that this was "obviously the most traumatic thing" she and her family have ever faced.

With tears flowing at times in her Instagram video, the 35-year-old also thanked fans for their "messages of support" and "all the prayers that you guys have prayed," adding that she and her family "have felt them." She focused a great deal of attention on the comfort the Lord has provided in their grief, saying that "it's been incredible to see how God moved through our family during this time."

"We have obviously felt a lot of pain but also an insane amount of peace. God has really met us in this place between pain and peace, and it doesn't make any sense, other than that it is His supernatural peace that is just covering us."

PenaVega, who recently moved over to Great American Family channel from Hallmark, stated that though this has been "a very hard season for (them) to navigate," she has been able to surrender to God like never before. The actress also stated that "It's hard to understand why these kinds of things happen," and that she continues to ask the Lord to "give this pain purpose."

"Indy’s little life has transformed us. Our family has never been stronger. My faith has never been stronger. My marriage has never been stronger. Her life was so purposeful…and while she may not have taken a breath here on Earth, she did not go without purpose."

Acknowledging that the journey forward will be "hard," PenaVega also stated that she will "continue to allow His peace to just overwhelm" her and her family.

We at Christian Film Blog will continue to lift them up and prayer and ask that you join with us. Father in heaven, please comfort Alexa PenaVega and her family at this time of their bereavement. May they experience your love as never before and draw closer to you and each other as they grieve the loss of their daughter. In the matchless name of Jesus, Amen!


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