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A Solid Start for "Sight" on its Opening Weekend

The faith-based film about a world-famous eye surgeon debuts in the box office Top-10.

Terry Chen (left) and Greg Kinnear appear in a scene from "Sight."
Terry Chen (left) and Greg Kinnear appear in a scene from "Sight." Image: Angel Studios.

Bringing in almost $2.8 million in ticket revenue, Sight claimed seventh place from Friday through Sunday, according to The Numbers website. The film is the latest from distributor Angel Studios, which released last year's hit Sound of Freedom and previously helped The Chosen set the all-time crowdfunding record for a media project.

This feature film, which is based on a true story, bills itself as "an empowering narrative about overcoming your past to reach your full potential." It stars Greg Kinnear and Canadian Terry Chen, with the latter actor playing Ming Wang, who emigrated from communist China in the early 1980s to become a ground-breaking eye surgeon in America.

Sight bounces back and forth between his work in Nashville, Tennessee - focusing particularly on his restoring of sight to a child deliberately blinded by her stepmother - and his early life in his home country, including the persecution he suffered from leftist extremists as a boy; the most troubling instance of which involves the disappearance a dear friend whom he never saw again, leaving him deeply scarred emotionally.


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