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Phil Robertson out with a New Book

The devout Christian and patriarch of the "Duck Dynasty" family hopes it will help "heal America's soul."

Phil Robertson studies Scripture in a social media post from 2020. Image: Phil Robertson/Instagram.

Not only is Phil Robertson a reality TV celebrity from his days on A&E's Duck Dynasty and the host of a popular podcast, he is also a best-selling author with a half dozen books to his credit. His latest literary endeavor is a compilation of highlights from those previous works.

The cover of Phil Robertson's new book. Image: Walmart.

It's entitled Your Daily Phil: 100 Days of Truth and Freedom to Heal America's Soul and it hit store shelves this month. Structured like a devotional, it targets an audience of Believers, judging by the book's synopsis which claims the 75-year-old outdoorsman "delivers powerful reminders that Christians must embrace the life-giving, healing, wholly transforming love of Jesus in order to make America a God-honoring nation once again."

In a social media post announcing the book's publication, and featuring a picture of his family, Robertson gives a flavor for the advice readers can expect, referring back to the virtues he and his wife Kay instilled in their four sons: kindness, respect, love of hard work and faith in Christ. Undergirding it all was a tough love that did not spare the rod, as it were, when that was warranted. The Louisiana native adds there was fun, too, including "a little duck hunting," which is after all what the family first became known to the broader American public for through their TV show.

Your Daily Phil is a 240-page tome that comes in paperback and is available exclusively at Walmart stores. It costs $13.98 and you can find it via this link to the retailer's website.


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