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Next Episode of "The Chosen" on Tap for This Week

In the seventh installment of season two, Jesus falls into the clutches of the Holy Land's Roman overlords.

Jonathan Roumie in a scene from Episode 7 of season two of "The Chosen."
Jonathan Roumie, as Jesus, in a scene from Episode 7. Image: "The Chosen"/YouTube.

Another new episode of The Chosen releases this Wednesday as the hit streaming series about the life of Christ closes in on the end of its second season. And for the first time, the occupying forces of the Roman Empire will confront the Jesus character, played by New York-born actor Jonathan Roumie.

Digital poster for Episode 7 of season two of "The Chosen."
The digital poster for Episode 7. Image: "The Chosen"/Instagram.

Episode 7 is entitled Reckoning and its trailer, which you can watch below, shows Jesus speaking with his disciples about the Sermon on the Mount - something that will be featured in Episode 8 - when he is surrounded by a detachment of Roman soldiers. They inform him that he is "sought for questioning." Also included in this one are those wicked, scheming Pharisees plotting their dirty tricks, and a beneficiary of one of Jesus' miraculous healings from the inaugural season.

This episode is the penultimate installment of season two of the program and creator/director Dallas Jenkins has said that the next and final episode should follow fairly soon after it. Fans will be waiting some time, however, for season three because, as we previously reported, filming of that will not begin this fall as originally planned.

Getting back to Episode 7 of season two, it releases Wednesday, June 30th, at 9:00 PM EDT (GMT -4) and you can watch if for free in the usual places: the show's website, its app - Android / Apple - and its YouTube channel. The trailer is available below and hits near the end of the Episode 6 livestream at the 1:01:47 mark.

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