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New Episode of "The Chosen" Coming Next Week

This hit series about the life of Christ releases episode two of season two on Tuesday.

Joey Vahedi, Yasmine Al-Bustami and Elizabeth Tabish (from left) in a scene from season two. Image: "The Chosen"/Instagram.

To say that The Chosen has become a global phenomenon would be no overstatement. Though an independent production financed by a combination of a record-setting crowdfunding campaign, merchandise sales and a pay-it-forward program, this faith-based show has already racked up 111 million views in 180 countries. And that's after just one season and one episode of season two.

That latest episode debuted earlier this week on Easter Sunday in a livestream via the program's app and social media channels. Free to watch, like all eight episodes of the inaugural season, it generated quite an audience and a very enthusiastic response, according to a note to fans from Dallas Jenkins, the creator/director of this series.

"Whoa. Not much more to say than that. Around a million people have watched the Season Premiere of our second season already, and the livestream last night (Easter Sunday) was crazy. The comments are still pouring in, and I've never seen the word "Wow" more times in my life."

This second season, which follows Jesus' early ministry, including His Sermon on the Mount, will consist of eight episodes just like season one. Jenkins has said that there is no set release schedule and that he will put each episode out when it is ready.

In that connection, mark next Tuesday, April 13th, on your calendar, because that's when episode two of the second season debuts. It's a live event that starts at 9:00 PM EDT (GMT -4) and can be viewed on the show's YouTube and Facebook pages as well as via the app (Google Play or App Store). And there is to be "a surprise for you at the end of the episode," according to a post on the program's Instagram page, so don't miss it.


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