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Micah Lynn Hanson Stars in New Film "A Match Made at Christmas"

Updated: Nov 1, 2021

The Christian actress also plays a role behind the scenes for the first time in her career.

Micah Lynn Hanson (center) appears at a 2021 premiere of "Match Made at Christmas" with executive producer Rachel Jordan (left) and director Annie Poling Swet.
Micah Lynn Hanson (center) appears at a recent premiere of " A Match Made at Christmas" with executive producer Rachel Jordan (left) and director Annie Poling Swet. Image: Micah Lynn Hanson/Instagram.

We will admit right up front that it's a little hard for us not to root for Micah Lynn Hanson since she starred in our inaugural feature film Miracle on Christmas last year. But friendly personal relations aside, she is a fantastic actress and we can't wait to see her in her new holiday movie, A Match Made at Christmas.

A digital poster for "A Match Made at Christmas" from Abundant House Films.
A digital poster for "A Match Made at Christmas." Image: Abundant House Films.

Though Hanson and many of the others who worked on the picture are Christians, she says this is not a faith-based film, but rather a family-friendly one. In it, she plays a Christmas-loving, small-town gal who meets a big-city guy who - you guessed it - can't stand the holiday. Things are further complicated when the two are paired off by a match-making aunt with a track record of success in such endeavors.

The guy in question is played by Tim Llewellyn, who appeared in an episode of the faith-based streaming series Vindication in 2019. Juli Erickson stars as said aunt...her acting credits stretch back into the 1980s and include hit TV shows like Matlock and Walker, Texas Ranger, so she's a real pro.

Hanson, in a first for her, also served as associate producer on the production and she tells Christian Film Blog that the picture is something of a cross between a Hallmark Christmas movie and a 1990's romantic comedy. She adds, however, that it also features a bit "more grit" than either of those.

You can see for yourself if you subscribe to Pure Flix, where the movie is now streaming. It should be available to be rented or purchased digitally and on DVD at Amazon as well, though we looked and it would seem that something is not quite ready: the movie is listed as "currently unavailable." At any rate, the trailer below will give you a better feel for what you can expect. And do check back with us later in the week, because we will have an in-depth interview with Micah.


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