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Let's Support Candace Cameron Bure

The Christian actress finds herself in the midst of a kerfuffle over a social media post with her husband.

Candace Cameron Bure with her husband Valerie Bure in a previous social media post (not the one in question). Image: Candace Cameron Bure/Instagram.

Candace Cameron Bure may well be the most high-profile Christian in Hollywood, not to mention one of the most outspoken about her faith, and we love her for it: she consistently, directly and fearlessly stands for Christ in public fora as we wrote here, here and here. So it is with a bit of discomfort that we report the former Fuller House star has become the focus of some negative attention.

It centers on an image she posted on her Instagram account (we have chosen not to publish it, but you can find it and all the details about the story via this link to Fox News) and features her and her husband of 24 years, Valerie Bure (his first name is pronounced vah-LARRY and is a common male name in Russia, the country from which he hails). In the picture, which is NOT the one in our article, he is embracing her and grasping her breast with his hand.

The image touched off a fair number of negative responses from Believers who found it beyond the bounds of Christian propriety. The actress, in turn, responded with tempered defiance, saying "I'm sorry it offended you - actually, I'm not sorry," then pointed out he is her husband after all, before adding, "I'm glad we have fun together after so many years. He can touch me all day long."

Hmm, a case of much ado about nothing or an instance of righteous admonition directed at a Christian sister from within the Body? One could argue either way, to be sure. And while we would never consider posting such a picture in a public forum ourselves, we hasten to note that Cameron Bure is someone constantly in the spotlight and extremely active on social media, meaning every move she makes is scrutinized, one, she - like the rest of us - is not perfect, two, and - three - when one's family is criticized, the reaction tends to be less than gracious, as is the case here.

This entire matter seems to us like one of those instances in which, particularly if you do not like her post or response, we should give grace to a fellow Believer. Perhaps it would even be worth visiting her social media pages to make a supportive comment in an act of extending the loving hand of Christian fellowship, as we are called to do repeatedly throughout Scripture. That is the course we at Christian Film Blog have chosen to take and we encourage you to do the same: let us all foster unity within the Body of Christ.


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