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Candace Cameron Bure Named CSO of Women's Magazine!

The Christian actress won't be claiming an office in the C-Suite, though, because this is a spiritual job.

Candace Cameron Bure on the set of "Fuller House" with fellow cast members Fox and Dash Messitt. Image: Netflix.

Candace Cameron Bure is among the most prominent Christians in Hollywood, and she is also one of the busiest. She acknowledges as much on a social media page, calling herself "a woman who wears many hats," in reference to her acting on the Hallmark Channel and the recently-ended Netflix show Fuller House, authoring books, posting online fitness workouts, recipes and gardening tips, helping The Salvation Army, et cetera. And here comes her latest responsibility: CSO at Woman's Day magazine!

Cameron Bure with the July/August edition of the magazine. Image: "Woman's Day"/Instagram.

Now then, you've heard the term CEO for Chief Executive Officer; likely know COO for Chief Operating Officer; may even be familiar with CFO for Chief Financial Officer; but what on earth is a CSO? It stands for Chief Spiritual Officer and we confess, it was a new one for us, too. Be that as it may, we're awfully glad Candace got the gig, because she is a rock-solid Believer and a very effective witness for the Gospel of Christ.

Though we suspect the title's actually something of a tongue-in-cheek appellation, the assignment nevertheless gives her quite a platform to cover spiritual issues in the lifestyle magazine. She will get a full page in every edition and plans to share a Bible verse, what it means for her in her own walk of faith and how she hopes it will lift the spirits of her readers and inspire them.

In a social media post announcing it, Cameron Bure says she's "humbled and excited" and "jumped at the opportunity." For her inaugural column in the July/August edition of Woman's Day, she starts by writing, "My faith is my filter for all things," and goes on to introduce a scripture from the book of Esther and explain how she feels a connection to that influential Old Testament queen.

"Now, I don't have a royal position, though some people call me the "Queen of Christmas," still I wholeheartedly believe that God placed me in the entertainment industry with a position of influence for such a time as this."

Wow, that's what we love about Candace Cameron Bure: boldly proclaiming her faith for all to hear. Well done, Christian sister!

This edition of Woman's Day hits newsstands on July 14th, so be sure to grab a copy to get Candace's first column. And if you'd like to check out her social media announcement about the new gig, you can do so via this link to her Instagram page.


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