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Lacey Chabert & Kristoffer Polaha Team up for a Hallmark Christmas Flick

Arguably the outlet's top stars, and both committed Believers, this is their first movie together for the network.

Kristoffer Polaha and Lacey Chabert pose for a picture in Iceland after production of "The Christmas Quest" for Hallmark Channel.
Kristoffer Polaha and Lacey Chabert pose for a picture in Iceland after production of Hallmark Channel's "The Christmas Quest." Image: Lacey Chabert/screenshot from Instagram.

With Christmas still more than eight months away, you are undoubtedly not yet in a Yuletide kind of mood. The same cannot, however, be said for Lacey Chabert and Kristoffer Polaha, because they just wrapped production in Iceland on a Hallmark Channel film called The Christmas Quest.

The picture will air later this year as part of the network's annual Countdown to Christmas programming event, which is a round-the-clock parade of Yuletide movies that runs from late October through most of December. In a social media video shot inside an ice cave on location, Polaha says to Chabert that it "would be a really cool place to film a Hallmark Christmas movie," to which she responds, "Really cool."

Though no air-date has as yet been announced, we do know the storyline for this one, which features the stars as a former couple - Chabert plays an archeologist and Polaha a Norse language expert - who are searching for a lost treasure on the island nation, which begs two questions: will they find it and will they rekindle their relationship?

Christian Film Blog will leave it to you to guess the answers. For our part, we will let you know the air date of The Christmas Quest once it is announced.


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