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Lacey Chabert Shares Touching Thoughts about Her Late Sister

Updated: Jul 18, 2022

The Christian actress and Hallmark regular is still dealing with grief six months later.

Lacey Chabert appears in a scene from the 2022 made-for-TV movie "The Wedding Veil."
Lacey Chabert appears in a scene from the 2022 made-for-TV movie "The Wedding Veil." Image: Hallmark Channel/Crown Media Family Networks.

Lacey Chabert and her family were hit with the devastating news of her older sister Wendy's death on the eve of last Thanksgiving. As Christian Film Blog wrote at the time, The Crossword Mysteries star paid tribute to her sibling and shared the pain caused by her death in a heartrending social media post. Chabert has again taken that path to express her feelings half a year after Wendy's passing.

A childhood photo of Lacey Chabert's late sister, Wendy.
A childhood photo of Lacey Chabert's late sister, Wendy. Image: Lacey Chabert/Instagram.

In the new post, accompanied by a childhood picture of Wendy, the Christian actress mentions the fact that "it's been exactly six months without my beautiful sister," adding that she "miss(es) her so much." The 39-year-old wife and mother also reveals a particularly unguarded insight, mentioning that it has been "just crushing" whenever anyone has referred to her late sister in the past tense.

She goes on to share a recent instance in which she did the same thing herself while watching a movie with her own daughter, Julia, who is six years old. Chabert commented at the time that it "was one of Aunt Wendy's favorite movies growing up," to which the little girl responded: "No, mom it’s still one of her favorite movies, she’s just up in heaven now." That statement prompted an epiphany on the part of Chabert.

"While I don’t know about having favorite movies in heaven, the deeper truth of what she said hit my heart. I know that the endless love we have for Wendy and the love she gave us during her life still exists. It’s still present tense. She’s just, 'up in heaven now.'"

Though the grief Chabert is experiencing is clearly still raw, it would seem it has not blinded her to the suffering of others. She ends her post with compassionate words of solace for those enduring a time of their own bereavement.

"If you’re also missing a loved one, I pray the Lord brings hope and comfort to your heart 🤍."

Chabert's post obviously touched her social media followers, having been liked - as of this writing - 27,000 times and commented on 1,300 times, including by fellow Hallmark star Jill Wagner and Christian actress and Hallmark alumna Candace Cameron Bure.


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