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Kristoffer Polaha Shares How God Works Through Disappointments

Updated: May 5, 2021

The Hallmark regular and outspoken Believer has endured them, both professionally and in his personal life.

Kristoffer Polaha in a scene from "Mystery 101." Image: Hallmark Movies & Mysteries.

Best known for his roles on the Hallmark family of networks, including starring in Mystery 101 opposite Jill Wagner, and in faith-based films like Run the Race, Kristoffer Polaha is a success in Hollywood by any measure. He also recently published his first novel - a joint endeavor with author Anna Gomez - so God has blessed him.

But the 44-year old father of three has suffered setbacks too, some of them quite serious, including a freak accident in New York City many years ago that could have ended his life, as we reported here. But that incident, which required 80 stitches, ended up bringing Polaha back to his Christian faith and no doubt still colors the way he views adversity.

On the professional front, despite all his success, the Reno, Nevada native has also tasted bitter defeat. He auditioned five times, for instance, for the lead role on the hit TV show Mad Men and says creator/executive producer Matthew Weiner told him repeatedly, "You're perfect." Of course, the role ended up going to Jon Hamm and the program had a huge run from 2007 - 2015; Polaha got a bit part and was in only a handful of episodes.

In the latest edition of his social media livestream show - The Polaha Chautauqua - the Christian actor tackles the issue of disappointment and adversity, saying in an accompanying post on Instagram that "God can (and often will) use all things for good," in a reference to the well-known New Testament verse, Romans 8:28. He feels that in negative circumstances, the Lord regularly deploys His people to touch the lives of others.

"What I'm discovering as I move through the world is that Jesus has given us to be the puzzle pieces for each other (demonstrates fingers interlocking) your brokenness allows this person's strength to come in."

Several fans join in the livestream as well, sharing their own setbacks and God's provision through them. Polaha ends the show with a prayer and by asking viewers to "Love each other in the right way, be kind, be filled with joy." It's an uplifting edition and it runs just under an hour. If you'd like to watch, you can do so via this link to his Instagram page.


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