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Kristoffer Polaha Dives into Novels

Updated: Mar 13, 2021

In a diversion from his normal on-camera work, the actor is putting out the first installment of a series of books.

Kristoffer Polaha is a regular on the Hallmark networks, including as star of "Mystery 101." Image: Kristoffer Polaha/Instagram.

If you like the Hallmark networks, then you're bound to be familiar with the work of Kristoffer Polaha, the Christian actor who stars in Mystery 101 with Jill Wagner and has been in several Christmas movies as well. And Faith-based movie fans may well remember him as the derelict father in the 2018 picture Run the Race from Tim Tebow.

The cover of "Moments Like This" from Kristoffer Polaha and Anna Gomez. Image: Rosewind Books.

Now the 44-year old Reno, NV native is broadening his creative horizons with his inaugural literary endeavor. It's a romance novel called Moments Like This that he co-wrote with author Anna Gomez, who often publishes under the pen name Christine Brae. And this is the first of five planned books from publisher Rosewind Books in a series they are calling From Kona with Love.

According to the synopsis, the book depicts "multicultural romance, love, loss, and redemption woven into a family saga set in the beautiful islands of Hawaii," as it follows heroine Andrea “Andie” Matthews, who has chosen "career over a marriage proposal and then loses a promotion she worked so hard for." Almost needless to say, she meets a mysterious stranger to whom she is drawn, but there are complications.

Christian Film Blog has not read the book, but one reviewer calls it a "clean romance," which is exactly what we would expect from a committed Believer like Polaha, who says he hopes to turn the book series into films. The second installment from him and Gomez is due out in fall and you can get Moments Like This right now via this link to Amazon, where it is already ranked number one in the "Oahu, Hawaii Travel Books" category...yes, there apparently is such a classification. The paperback version will cost you $14.95.


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