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Kristoffer Polaha's First Novel Optioned for a Movie

The Christian actor lands a deal with a seasoned producer who has strong ties to Hallmark.

Kristoffer Polaha has landed a deal to develop his first book into a film.
Kristoffer Polaha has signed a deal to develop his first book, "Moments Like This," into a film. Image: Elisabeth Caren/Kristoffer Polaha/Instagram.

That certainly didn't take long. It was one year ago this month that Kristoffer Polaha put out his first novel and he's already scored a development deal to make it into a movie. The book is called Moments Like This (we reported on it here) and the film rights were picked up by Bassett Hound Distribution, which - according to Deadline - plans to produce it together with Polaha's company, Podunk Productions.

The cover of "Moments Like This" from Kristoffer Polaha and Anna Gomez.
The cover of "Moments Like This" from Kristoffer Polaha and Anna Gomez. Image: Rosewind Books.

The book is the first of five romance novels in a series entitled From Kona with Love and is co-authored by novelist Anna Gomez. In a social media post just last week, Polaha - a regular star on the Hallmark Channel and its sister networks - mentioned that Moments Like This has sold over 12,000 copies and stated that, "This is just the start."

The head of Bassett Hound Distribution is seasoned producer Michael Goldstein, who has dozens of TV movies to his credit, many of which were made for Hallmark. He and Polaha have also worked together on two projects, including A Dickens of a Holiday, the Christian actor's most recent Christmas picture for Hallmark.

No word whether that's the planned destination for Moments Like This, but it seems to us that it's a pretty good bet. Details are few at this point, but Christian Film Blog will update you as warranted.


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