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Kirk Cameron Believes "Revival is Imminent"

Updated: Mar 30, 2022

The Christian actor cites an "awakening" of America's conscience during an appearance on Fox News Channel.

Kirk Cameron appears on "Fox News @Night" with Shannon Breem.
Kirk Cameron appears on "Fox News @Night" with Shannon Bream. Image: Fox News Channel.

There aren't many actors who speak more consistently in public about their faith than Kirk Cameron (his sister Candace Cameron Bure is right up there, too, as we have written before). In an appearance last night on Fox News Channel, the Fireproof and Growing Pains star went on at length about why he thinks the United States is on the verge of revival.

Cameron joined host Shannon Bream on Fox News @Night to talk about the state of faith in the nation. She cited a public opinion poll from January indicating that 72% of people believe our moral compass is pointed in the wrong direction, prompting Cameron to say "those are great sounding numbers," because "that's an awakening of our conscience, and that is what precedes us turning in the right direction."

That, in his opinion, is toward God. The host of Trinity Broadcasting Network's Takeaways with Kirk Cameron stated that many Americans "understand that politics alone can't save us," and that "revival is imminent."

"And when we take the mandates from heaven, from the real chief executive officer from on high, and we put those into practice, it leads to blessing and protection."

Bream, just out with a new book called The Mothers and Daughters of the Bible Speak, is also a vocal Believer, which she made clear in the interview, calling herself "a sinner saved by grace." You can watch the segment via this link: Kirk Cameron on finding faith in times of turmoil | Fox News Video.

As for Cameron, he stars in a new movie coming out later this year from Alex and Stephen Kendrick , the filmmakers behind Fireproof; the new picture is called Lifemark - which we wrote about here - and Christian Film Blog will update you on a release date once it is announced.


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