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K-LOVE Gets into Movies with the Faith-Based Comedy "Family Camp"

Updated: Mar 12, 2022

The nation's largest Christian radio network branches out into feature films.

A promotional poster for "Family Camp" from K-LOVE Films.
A promotional poster for "Family Camp," starring Tommy Woodard (center left) and Eddie James (center right). Image: K-LOVE Films, Provident Films and Roadside Attractions.

Already a giant in the world of faith-based entertainment, K-LOVE is adding movies to its arsenal. K-LOVE Films has teamed up with Provident Films and distributor Roadside Attractions for Family Camp, a comedy that will hit the silver screen in May.

The movie stars Tommy Woodard and Eddie James - a popular Christian comedy duo better known as The Skit Guys - whose characters take their families to a church camp where their polar-opposite personalities touch off the laughs. The rest of the cast includes Leigh-Allyn Baker and several strong Christian actors, including Gigi Orsillo, Robert Amaya and Mark Christopher Lawrence.

This is the first feature from K-LOVE Films, but it's not their first movie. They were one of the outfits involved in The Jesus Music documentary from the Erwin Brothers last year, which we reported on here and here. Like the K-LOVE radio network, the film company is owned by the California-based Educational Media Foundation, run by Bill Reeves. He is the founder of WTA Media (also now part of EMF), which finances and markets faith-based movies, including hits like I Can Only Imagine, War Room and God's Not Dead, so the K-LOVE Films' endeavor is not much of a stretch.

Back to Family Camp, Eddie James says in a press release that he has "dreamed about making a comedy feature film" for two decades. His partner Tommy Woodard adds that their hope is that through the picture, "families will not only laugh together, they will also draw closer to each other...and to God."

The movie is scheduled to release in theaters nationwide on May 13th. Until then, the trailer below will whet your appetite.


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