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Jon Erwin "Thrilled" with the Cast for "Jesus Revolution"

Kelsey Grammer and Jonathan Roumie are among to the top stars lined up for the next faith-based film from the Erwin Brothers.

Jon Erwin (left) and Andrew Erwin make an appearance at CinemaCon in Las Vegas, NV in 2019.
Jon Erwin (left) and Andrew Erwin make an appearance at CinemaCon in Las Vegas, NV in 2019. Image: CinemaCon/Instagram.

The Erwin Brothers - Jon and Andrew - are riding high right now with the film American Underdog winding down its theatrical run just as another of their pictures - The Unbreakable Boy - prepares to release next month. By the time it does, they will be in production on their next movie, Jesus Revolution.

The movie is based on a book, also called Jesus Revolution, written by Pastor Greg Laurie.
The movie is based on a book, also called "Jesus Revolution," written by Pastor Greg Laurie. Image: Baker Books.

That one, as we have previously reported, is based on a book by the same name from prominent pastor Greg Laurie and it charts his journey to faith as a teen in 1960s California during what was known as the Jesus Movement, which this film's website calls "the greatest spiritual awakening in American history."

The cast includes Joel Courtney as the young Laurie, Kelsey Grammer as Pastor Chuck Smith and Jonathan Roumie - who plays the Jesus character in The Chosen - as hippie street preacher Lonnie Frisbee; those latter two characters made a huge impact on the Jesus Movement and in Laurie's coming to faith in real life.

The Erwins will produce the film with their partner Kevin Downes, but in a departure from their usual practice, the brothers will not direct it together. In this instance Jon Erwin will co-direct with Brent McCorkle, instead of with Andrew Erwin. In a press release about the movie, Jon says he is "thrilled by the incredible cast that has come together." And though this is a period piece from half a century ago, he feels it is relevant for today.

"The movie is set in a very specific time and place, but the theme of finding a deeper meaning to life, in the midst of a fractured and broken world, is timeless."

While this will be Roumie's first prominent role since he rose to fame in The Chosen, Grammer is a proven star from TV shows like Cheers and Frasier. He states in the press release that he's "proud to be a part of this film," adding: "Jesus has been a profound influence in my life."

The Erwin brothers are among the very top filmmakers in the Christian genre, with previous hits like I Can Only Imagine and I Still Believe among their credits, and they are committed Believers. Jon Erwin makes it clear that will be on full display in this production.

"The true story in Jesus Revolution reminds us that hope is never lost, and through even the most challenging of times, with faith, change is possible."

Production begins in March in Mobile, AL, and then will move to the Los Angeles area in April. The filmmakers are planning some scenes with mass extras in both places and are currently "building an army of authentic looking 1960s' people," according to the film's website. So, if can look like a hippie or flower child and are able to be in either of those two locations in the aforementioned time frame, you may want to register via this link for a chance at being an extra.


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