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Joanna Gaines and Her Sister Launch a New Show

The Christian entertainer and TV executive is shining a light on her sibling's dream of running her own small business.

Joanna Gaines (left) poses for a social media picture with her sister Mary Kay "Mikey" McCall.
Joanna Gaines (right) poses for a social media picture with her sister Mary Kay "Mikey" McCall. Image: Ferny's Retro Plant Shop/Instagram.

Fixer Upper star Joanna Gaines is bringing a new program to Magnolia Network, the platform she co-founded with her husband Chip Gaines in partnership with Discovery. It's called The Retro Plant Show with Mikey and Jo and it will feature Joanna and her younger sister Mary Kay "Mikey" McCall, as the latter navigates the challenges of running a small business and raising a sizeable family.

As we previously reported, McCall last year launched Ferny's Retro Plant Shop in Waco, TX, combining her passion for plants with a love for vintage items. Having long been a stay-at-home mother of six children, starting this venture was a dream come true, but not one without obstacles, as she states in a promotional trailer.

"Having a large family and trying to launch a business can be tricky. The business side, that part, I'm like, 'Ugh.'"

Big sister Joanna, who is a tremendously successful businesswoman, is along for the ride and her assistance and the exposure that will come from this program should really help. She says in the aforementioned promo it's been fun watching her little sister "come into her own" and show off her "instincts" and "grit."

You can watch that promotional trailer via this link to Joanna Gaines' Instagram account. The show debuts tomorrow, May 20th, on the Discovery Plus streaming platform and will feature a new episode every Friday; there is no word yet about when it will appear on the cable TV version of Magnolia Network.

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