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Joanna Gaines to Team up with her Sister for a New Television Show

The siblings' program will focus on a new small business venture and air on Gaines' Magnolia Network.

Joanna Gaines poses with her sister Mary Kay "Mikey" McCall outside the latter's plant business.
Joanna Gaines, right, poses with her sister Mary Kay "Mikey" McCall outside the latter's plant business. Image: Magnolia Network/Instagram.

Joanna Gaines is adding a sister act to the channel she and husband Chip Gaines founded in partnership with Discovery. The new program launches next month on the Christian couple's Magnolia Network and is called The Retro Plant Shop with Mikey and Jo...Mikey being the nickname of Joanna's younger sibling Mary Kay McCall.

The show will follow the development of her new business - called Ferny's - which sells plants and vintage items out of a refurbished camper she deploys as a "pop-up store." McCall launched the company last year in Waco, TX, and Gaines made mention of it at the time, saying she loves her "baby-sis and watching someone pursue what makes them come alive."

"Mikey has had this dream for years and with six kids and the busyness of life, she's waited patiently to step out and pursue this creative and quiet stirring in her heart."

McCall, for her part, thanked Gaines in a recent social media post, calling her a "Marvel and Wonder," and expressing gratitude because she is "helping make so many of my dreams come true." With the support of big sister Joanna, who starred for years on Fixer Upper, stars now on the reboot of that show and others on her own cable network and has 13.5 million followers on Instagram, we're guessing Mikey's entrepreneurial endeavor is headed for success. The Retro Plant Shop with Mikey and Jo is set to debut on Magnolia Network on May 20th and will feature a new episode every Friday.


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