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Danica McKellar is Reading Scripture with "an Open Heart"

The actress only became a Christian last spring and is aiming to read through the entire Bible this year.

Actress Danica McKellar poses for a social media picture in December, 2022.
Actress Danica McKellar poses for a social media picture in December, 2022. Image: Danica McKellar/Instagram.

Danica McKellar, who is still in the early stages of her journey of faith, is now tackling God's Word in earnest. In a recent video clip on the website of Great American Family channel - her network home - she shared with viewers that she is both reading and listening to audio recordings of Scripture in an effort to achieve her goal.

The California native became a Christian last April with the help of fellow actress Candace Cameron Bure, an outspoken Believer and the person God used to lead McKellar to Him, as we reported at the time. It began when McKellar reached out because she was struggling with the idea of forgiveness. Bure, in turn, not only spoke with her, but also invited her to church and gave her a Bible.

In a moment of vulnerable frankness, the 48-year-old former star of The Wonder Years admits in the aforementioned video clip that there is "all sorts of stuff (she) didn't know anything about" in Scripture, citing for instance people in the Old Testament living for hundreds and hundreds of years, and adding that some things that happened before Noah's Ark seem to her like "Greek mythology." She also acknowledges that she still has much to learn.

"I'm still figuring it out, but my goal is not to understand everything, but my goal is to read it all. And they say that your job reading the Bible is not to understand everything that happened, but to understand God better."

McKellar added that she has "an open mind and an open heart" as she works her way through the Scriptures and hopes her video missive will serve as "an inspiration" to others.

We here at Christian Film Blog readily admit we find her openness about her newfound faith particularly endearing and are not only rooting for her, but are actively praying for her, and we ask that you join us. Heavenly Father, we lift up our Christian sister Danica McKellar to you. Please open her eyes to the truth of your Word and draw ever closer to you as you strengthen her in her faith, in Jesus' matchless name, Amen!


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