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Danica McKellar Turns to God in a Time of Mourning

The Christian actress says she is "so grateful" that the Holy Spirit has been with her as she grieves the passing of a family member.

Danica McKellar appears in a picture accompanying her social media post.
Danica McKellar appears in a picture accompanying her social media post. Image: Danica McKellar/Instagram.

Danica McKellar is mourning the death of an unnamed loved one and drawing comfort from her Christian faith. In a social media post, the star of The Wonder Years and numerous Hallmark Christmas movies acknowledged that the "sudden and recent death in the family" has been "super rough." She added, however, that thanks to her "connection to God," she has also "had moments of joy amidst this tragedy."

"Just remember that we are not alone. 🙏 Love and comfort are just one breath away."

As Christian Film Blog reported in April, the 47-year-old former child star became a Believer earlier this year in part thanks to the efforts of her friend and fellow actress - and committed Christian - Candace Cameron Bure. McKellar announced her decision in a social media post, readily admitting at the time she was still learning, even asking, "What is the Holy Spirit?" Now, just a few months later, she says He is revealing Himself to her in the midst of sorrow.

"I can tell you, the Holy Spirit has been in me and with me through this difficult time and I'm just so grateful. 🙏❤️🙏"

While certainly saddened at the death her loved one, we are truly impressed to see McKellar not only reaching out to the Redeemer, but also sharing her faith with others during this emotional trial. Please join us as we lift her up in prayer: Heavenly Father, we ask that you would comfort our Christian sister Danica McKellar and her family. May they experience your tender mercies and draw closer to you in this time of their bereavement. In Jesus' name, amen.


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