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Danica McKellar Calls her Coming to Christ "Revolutionary"

The former star of "The Wonder Years" thanks fellow Christian actress Candace Cameron Bure for helping lead her to faith.

Danica McKellar appears in a scene from her 2022 movie "Christmas at the Drive-In."
Danica McKellar appears in a scene from her 2022 movie "Christmas at the Drive-In." Image: Great American Family/Instagram.

Danica McKellar has to have one of the most uplifting stories of the year in the world of Christian TV and Film. As we reported when it happened, she became a Christian in the spring and shared her experience at the time in a particularly appealing and vulnerable way on social media livestream.

Candace Cameron Bure played an integral part in McKellar's decision to turn to Christ - giving her a Bible and inviting her to church - and the latter again thanked the former in a recent appearance on Bure's podcast, with McKellar calling her friend's impact "huge." The 47-year-old, who first rose to fame the 1980s as a child actress on the sitcom The Wonder Years, also described what Bure did for her as more than friendship.

"Because of you helping me to find my relationship with God and Jesus, it’s been like a revolution in my life. It’s been a revelation in my life."

McKellar, who like Bure, left the Hallmark networks to join Great American Family channel, where both women starred in their first Christmas movies for that outfit this year - Christmas at the Drive-In for McKellar and A Christmas...Present for Bure - added that she now attends church, reads the aforementioned Bible "all the time" and talks to Jesus "every day." Her gratitude toward Bure is obviously quite profound.

"It’s unbelievable, and you were like my guide. You were just an angel in my life and you still are, and I just want to thank you for that publicly."

McKellar, who also moved from California to Tennessee this year with her husband and son, says what she is experiencing in her relationship with God "feels miraculous," to which we say Amen!

You can check out the podcast via the YouTube link below and we recommend you do, because we think it will inspire you.


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