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Danica McKellar Calls Her Next Christmas Movie "Extra Special"

That is because the Christian actress will not only star in the picture, but she helped write it as well.

Danica McKellar appears with Neal Bledsoe in scene from the 2022 television movie "Christmas at the Drive-In."
Danica McKellar appears with Neal Bledsoe in a scene from the 2022 television movie "Christmas at the Drive-In." Image: Great American Family.

When her next Yuletide movie airs on Great American Family channel later this year, Danica McKellar will for the first time in her career get a co-writing credit to go with her lead actress billing. It is called Royal Christmas Ball and she teamed up with veteran screenwriter Marcy Holland, who previously wrote several made-for-TV movies that the California native appeared in on the Hallmark networks. It will feature dancing, too, as you no doubt inferred from the title.

In a social media post, McKellar stated she is "beyond thrilled" to be developing the picture, adding that it is "extra special" since it is both the first one she helped write and is her first dance movie. That, she says, is no coincidence.

"I've been wanting to do a dance movie ever since I was on (Dancing with the Stars) in 2014, so this is a dream come true!"

McKellar, who left the Hallmark family of channels for Great American Family in 2021, will also serve as one of the executive producers of the film, according to Deadline, which first reported the news. No word on when production will launch or when Royal Christmas Ball will air, but the picture is scheduled to be part of Great American Christmas 2023, which is likely to start in October.


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