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Christian Actress Goes Behind the Camera

The next movie from the Erwin Brothers has serious talent both on screen and off.

Madeline Carroll with, from left, Jon Gunn, Andrew Erwin & Jon Erwin. Image: Madeline Carroll/Instagram.

Madeline Carroll is well-known to faith-based movie fans, most recently from her role in I Can Only Image, the biopic about Mercy Me frontman, Bart Millard; she played Shannon, his girlfriend. That movie was a huge hit for Andrew Erwin and Jon Erwin, one of the top teams in the genre and the one behind I Still Believe, a coming biopic about another Christian musician - Jeremy Camp.

That film stars K.J. Apa, Britt Robertson, Gary Sinise and country music heavyweight, Shania Twain. The Erwin Brothers also included Carroll, but not in her familiar on-screen capacity. She wrote the film's original treament (a brief summary of the story) and then worked alongside them on the production over the summer in Alabama, where filming took place.

Even though Carroll has been acting since childhood, the writing process was new to her. In an interiew with Movieguide, she said she had to do an internet search to find out how to put together a treatment. Jon Erwin was so impressed that he asked her to help him and Jon Gunn write the script, which was quite an opportunity for the 23-year old.

"I can't even believe I even got to be the slightest part of it. It's kind of really overwhelming."

Carroll stated that it was "the best experience," and she is "forever grateful," adding she would very much like to eventually direct. For those of you who are fans of her in front of the camera, never fear: she has no intention of stepping away from acting, which she calls her "main passion."

You can check out her entire interview with Movieguide via this link. As for I Still Believe, that hits theaters next March. The trailer below will give you a sense of what is in store.


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