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Big Wait ahead for Episode 6 of "The Chosen"

Updated: May 24, 2021

Episode 5 releases today, but the following installment likely won't come out until early summer.

Elizabeth Tabish as Mary Magdalene in a scene from Episode 5 of season two. Image: "The Chosen"/Instagram.

Season two of The Chosen marches on as the hit streaming series about Jesus' earthly ministry this evening puts out Episode number five, which is entitled Spirit. Christian Film Blog was able to screen it early and we feel it's among the very strongest episodes to date. Without revealing any details that aren't already public knowledge, we will say there is plenty of action, a powerful meeting between Jesus and John the Baptist, and what is likely the most gripping action scene heretofore.

In a livestream appearance introducing that screening, show creator/director Dallas Jenkins shared some insights, including reiterating that over the program's planned seven seasons, he and his partners at Angel Studios hope to reach an absolutely colossal number of viewers with the Gospel.

"Our core goal, our main goal, our number one goal: above all else, we want to reach one billion (B) people with the authentic Jesus."

That is a staggering number - approximately one eighth of the world's population - but certainly not beyond achieving with the help of God. As we recently reported, the program has already crossed the 150-million-view threshold, on its way to another goal - one billion (B) views - which is distinct from the total number of people reached in that if a single individual were to watch an episode 100 times, it would equal 100 views but simultaneously one one person reached. As a point of reference, when the show hit the 100-million-views mark several months back, Jenkins said that translated into something like 20 and 30 million people reached.

As for Episode 6, which the director says features both "lots of cool things" and "lots of upsetting things," it probably will not be ready until the end of June because it has a significant number of visual effects, which are time consuming to create in post production. The good news is that Episode 7 should also be ready shortly thereafter.

Tonight's new episode - number 5 - will release in a global livestream at 9:00 PM EDT (GMT -4) and be available to watch free of charge on The Chosen website, YouTube channel or app (Android or Apple).


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