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A Major Milestone for "The Chosen"

The streaming series about Jesus is a long way from its goal of one billion views, but that massive target looks more and more doable by the day.

Paras Patel, Elizabeth Tabish and Jonathan Roumie (from left) in a scene from the show. Image: "The Chosen"/Instagram.

The team behind The Chosen first mentioned their aim of topping one billion (B) views back in 2019, just weeks after the final episodes of season one were released. Such a staggeringly ambitious number certainly raised some eyebrows and plenty of doubts at the time.

A screenshot from the show's app, indicating total views now of more than 150-million. Image: "The Chosen."

Now, though - just halfway into its second season - this program from creator/director Dallas Jenkins looks like it is well on its way to eventually hitting that target: it crossed the 150-million-view mark today. And that's just 12 episodes into the series - eight from season one and four so far in season two. Since The Chosen is expected to run a total of seven seasons, one can see things lining up to get to one billion.

Season two still has four more episodes to come, the next of which will release on Sunday, May 23rd, according to a social media post from the director. The rest of the release schedule is uncertain, but Jenkins has said previously that he will put each episode out as soon as it is ready.

Going forward, he plans to start shooting season three in the fall of this year, provided the financing can be raised in time. The show, which funds production via a pay-it-forward program and merchandise sales, has currently secured enough money to make three of the eight episodes for its third season, according to its website.


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