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A New Christian TV Show Sets a Record for Crowdfunding

"The Chosen" tops the all-time list of media projects for money raised this way.

The birth of Jesus from the pilot episode of "The Chosen."

A coming series about the life of Jesus, The Chosen has now generated $7.1 million via crowdfunding, smashing the old record of $5.7 million, which was held by the reboot of Mystery Science Theater 3000. And they're not done yet: the campaign runs through January 5th, so that number will increase.

Dallas Jenkins, director of the series - and son of Jerry Jenkins, screenwriter of Left Behind - called it "unbelievable" and "life-altering and humbling," adding he would have been happy with a couple hundred thousand dollars. He is now aiming high with this project, though, planning to spend no less than $400,000 per episode. That's still well short of budget levels for network or even cable TV shows, but it is certainly enough for quality television.

The Chosen aims to be the first ever multi-season television series about Christ. Jenkins and the team behind the project put out the pilot episode, The Shepherd: A Story of the First Christmas, in 2017 and have used it as a vehicle to drive their crowdfunding campaign.

With the money raised so far, Jenkins has already shot the first four episodes and is currently editing them. Any additional money raised will go toward the final four episodes of season one and the marketing of the show. While no release date is set, it's possible The Chosen could be ready for Easter of 2019. He is working together with VidAngel Studios and will air the show on their streaming platform.

A devout Christian, Jenkins is counting on God to use this project to impact the world, and he tells The Christian Post the crowdfunding effort has really opened his eyes to the Lord's provision.

"God has been teaching me that my job isn't to feed the 5,000, it's just to bring my loaves and fish. And it's been humbling and overwhelming to see so many people add their loaves and fish."

If you are interested in 'adding your loaves and fish' to the crowdfunding campaign for season one of The Chosen, you can do so via this link. Remember, January 5th is the final day.


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