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Domination at the International Box Office for "Sound of Freedom"

The true story about the fight against child sex trafficking debuts at number one in nearly 20 countries.

Lead actor Jim Caviezel appears in a scene from "Sound of Freedom."
Lead actor Jim Caviezel appears in a scene from "Sound of Freedom." Image: Angel Studios/from Instagram.

Wow, Sound of Freedom is off to just as strong a start overseas as it enjoyed in the United States. This faith-based thriller, which has earned more than $180 million in domestic ticket sales since releasing on July 4th, came in first place in 19 countries when it opened last weekend; 18 of those were in Latin America, including Argentina, Mexico, and Colombia, the nation where production took place and much of the action is set.

The movie, which stars Jim Caviezel and Oscar-winner Mira Sorvino, tells the story of a Department of Homeland Security official who quits his government job in order to pursue the fight against sex traffickers full-time. Shot in 2018 as a 20th Century Fox project, the picture languished on the shelf for years after The Walt Disney Company purchased that outfit. The filmmakers behind the production eventually bought it back and then teamed up with Angel Studios to put it in theaters.

Jared Geesey, the Chief Distribution Officer for that company, states in a press release that they hoped for two million advanced ticket sales in Latin America and "reached that goal in just four days," which was even quicker than it happened in the U.S., where it "took a full week." The film is both riding high and touching audiences in that part of the world, according to Geesey.

"We're seeing packed theaters, standing ovations, widespread enthusiasm, and strong word-of-mouth from Buenos Aires to Mexico City to Bogota to Caracas, Lima, and beyond."

Opening weekend for Sound of Freedom was impressive outside of Latin America as well, with the picture finishing first at the box office in New Zealand, second in Australia and South Africa, and fourth in the United Kingdom. According to Box Office Mojo, it has thus far brought in $7.5 million internationally, which puts its worldwide revenue haul at $190 million, a huge number for a faith-based movie.


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