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Whoa! "Unplanned" is No. 1 on Amazon

The pro-life Christian film goes on sale tomorrow and has already claimed the top spot with the online retail giant.

A screen grab from showing "Unplanned" as the best seller in Drama DVD sales.

Having generated $19 million at the box office in America and Canada, it would seem Unplanned is picking up where it left off, now claiming the best-seller position in the drama category for DVDs on That early indicator makes clear this movie will do millions more in revenue from DVD, Blu-ray and Digital sales and it comes against a production budget of just $6 million, so the already strong numbers are getting stronger.

The movie is enjoying success despite an unprecedented campaign of suppression waged against it by pro-abortion forces. In Canada, it looked like it would be blocked altogether after that country's top film distribution companies turned the picture down. It ultimately made it into about 50 theaters after an independent distributor run by a Christian picked it up, adding about $900,000 to the total box office take.

From the writer/director team of Cary Solomon and Chuck Konzelman, Unplanned tells the true story of former abortion clinic director Abby Johnson, who became an outspoken right-to-life advocate after taking part in an ultra-sound assisted abortion. The movie pulls back the curtain on the moneygrubbing and immoral policies of the American abortion business, and it features powerful performances from Christian actresses Ashley Bratcher and Robia Scott.


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