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Whoa! "Unplanned" a Box Office Sensation in Canada

Updated: Jul 17, 2019

The American pro-life Christian film is putting up big numbers north of the border.

Lead actress Ashley Bratcher in a scene from "Unplanned." Image from the film's Instagram page.

As we reported a couple days ago, Unplanned made the Top-20 for box office revenue in its debut weekend in Canada with $352,000. That's the Top-20 for all North America, not just Canada, and it did it while playing in just 49 theaters, turning in the 2nd highest per-theater average in that leading group of films. What an opening weekend!

Okay, so maybe it was just a case of pent-up demand that led to a big opening three days, right? WRONG!!! On Monday, the film claimed the 13th spot overall at the box office - up from 18th on the weekend - bringing in $95,000 in those very same theaters, according to preliminary data from The Numbers. Granted, that figure is not even in the same league as the money generated yesterday by the number one film - Spider-Man: Far From Home - which earned $5.5 million.

But the superhero flick is playing in a staggering 4,634 venues in both America and Canada, meaning it averaged approximatly $1,200 per theater. And what about the per-theater average for Unplanned? It delivered a whopping $1,946 per venue, blowing Spidey and everybody else in the Top-10 out of the proverbial water! As the film's writer/director duo of Cary Solomon and Chuck Konzelman said in a statement, "Canada wanted Unplanned and Canada got Unplanned."

Now then, you may remember the pro-abortion forces in that country most definitely did not want the film, which exposes the immoral and moneygrubbing policies of the abortion industry in America. In fact, Canada's two leading film distributors actually rejected it, imposing what Konzelman called "de-facto censorship." A smaller independent distributor named Cinedicom picked up the movie after its Christian president, B.J. McKelvie, felt God leading him to do so. Oh, to be a fly on the wall in the boardrooms of his two competitors as they watch him reap the rewards!

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