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Weekend No. 4 for "Bethany Hamilton: Unstoppable"

The documentary about the Christian professional surfer sees its theater count drop to single digits.

Bethany Hamilton silhouetted against a sunset. Image: "Bethany Hamilton: Unstoppable"/Instagram.

Bethany Hamilton: Unstoppable brought in more than $1,600 at the weekend box office, according to The Numbers, putting it in 65th place overall. The film is now in its fifth week in release, but is playing in just six theaters; a post on one of its social media sites indicates that it will wrap its theatrical run this Thursday.

The documentary, from director and cinematographer Aaron Lieber, tracks Bethany Hamilton's journey from her teenage years, when she lost an arm in a shark attack, to her present day life as a pro surfer, wife and mother. Now 29-years old, Hamilton is a devout Christian and her rock-solid faith is quite an inspiration. For his part, Lieber did a strong job on the film, particulary with his camera work, some of which is truly breathtaking.


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