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"Washington's Armor" to Premiere Next Week

Episode one of the faith-based miniseries will play at a Christian film festival in Texas.

The principal cast of the miniseries "Washington's Armor." Image: Sara Burns.

Washington's Armor is a Christian drama that tells the true story of the early life of George Washington, long before the American Revolution, when he was still a loyal British colonist. Set during the French and Indian War, the six-part series is based on Washington's own journals and focuses on God's role in his eventual rise to become the founding father of America.

This pilot episode, which was shot earlier this year in upstate New York, Virginia and at Capernaum Film Studios in Texas, will premiere at Content 19, a Christian film festival taking place next week at that latter location. A project from director Tammy Lane, who is also proprietor of Capernaum, and producer Aaron Burns (Overcomer & War Room), it stars Willie Mellina as the eponymous lead and features, among others, Christian actresses Ashley Bratcher and Micah Lynn Hanson in supporting roles.

Lane, who is a committed Believer, hopes that the example of how God moved in Washington's life will serve to open viewers' eyes to His designs for them in their lives.

"What I would like to see happen to this film is for people to see that God has a purpose for everyone: He will direct your path in order to get you to that place."

No word yet on when or where the entire series will air, but we look forward to seeing the pilot, since we will be at the premiere next week. In the meantime, you can check out the preview trailer below.


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