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Upcoming Releases - 2019: Luis Palau and Evangelism on a Global Scale

Updated: Dec 26, 2018

This biopic tracks his amazing journey from childhood poverty in Argentina to a ministry that has impacted multitudes for Christ.

The eponymous film - Palau - follows the great evangelist from a boyhood of travails - the death of his father and fanancial hardship at home - to his coming to faith, a move to America to study at seminary and transformation into a man of God and a life of international ministry.

Though not as well known as his late friend and fellow evangelist Billy Graham - who is featured in the movie - Luis Palau is no less committed to sharing the Gospel. In fact, he has done so with tens of millions of people over his five decades of spreading the Good News.

Clearly a humble servant of God, Palau had a telling one-word question when those behind the film first approached him about the project: "Why?" His wife, Pat, shared a similar view when he broached the subject with her.

"What can they possibly want to tell about your life? Why would it be that exciting?"

Palau, who is 84 years old and currently dealing with late-stage lung cancer, ultimately agreed because the filmmakers convinced him their aim was to demonstrate through his life story that God grants forgiveness and salvation to those who believe in Jesus Christ.

"I am delighted to do that if this film will encourage many of you and your relatives and friends to find eternal life and to know God, and to die knowing they're going to heaven."

In this picture, the adult Palau is played by Gaston Pauls, who also hails from Agentina, while Australian actress Alexandra Bard stars as his wife. The film was intially planned for release this year, but got pushed back to 2019. There is, however, still no firm date for its debut.


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