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"Unplanned" in Top-50 at Box Office

Updated: Jul 23, 2019

It manages a solid showing despite playing exclusively in Canada and in fewer than 20 theaters.

Andee Grace Burton and Brooks Ryan in a scene from "Unplanned." Image from the film's Instagram page.

Unplanned earned $34,000 and claimed 42nd place in the weekend box office race, according to The Numbers. And all of its revenue came from Canada, where the pro-life Christian film is entering its second week in release, having finished its American theatrical run last month.

The Canadian run is unlikely to last long, however, as the film has already dropped from 49 theaters in week one to just 19 now. The picture, which stars Christian actresses Ashley Bratcher and Robia Scott, is based on a memoir by Abby Johnson, a former abortion clinic director who became a right-to-life advocate after she herself was compelled to take part in one of the life-ending procedures at the clinic.


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