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"Unplanned" Creating a Movement

The woman behind this pro-life Christian film says it's "really incredible" to see the impact it is having.

Abby Johnson with her husband, Doug, at a screening of "Unplanned." Image from Johnson's Instagram page.

Unplanned tells the true story of Abby Johnson, a former abortion clinic director who is now a right-to-life advocate. The film was written and directed by Cary Solomon and Chuck Konzelman and is based on Johnson's book by the same name.

The movie has far exceeded expectations at the box office, already bringing in $10 million. It added some 500 more theaters for this weekend, its second in release, and is likely to double its $6 million production budget by Sunday night.

Johnson, who left the abortion business after witnessing a baby fighting for its life during a procedure, now helps others leave as well through her ministry And Then There Were None. In an interview with The Pure Flix Podcast, she says it's exciting to see how the film is prompting people to turn away from their pro-abortion views.

"Every day I'm waking up to stories of people who are like, 'Your film changed my mind…I can't believe I ever supported abortion.'"

Johnson, who had two abortions of her own, is now the mother of seven children. She believes that Unplanned may really have a long-lasting impact in efforts to stop the killing of innocents.

"I feel like this movie is not just a movie. It really is sort of creating a movement. We want to get people plugged in. We want to rally around the people that are changing their minds."

You can listen to her entire interview via this link to The Pure Flix Podcast. And if you haven't seen Unplanned yet, do so this weekend.


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