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Uncertainty Surrounds 2nd Season of "The Chosen"

The successful series about the life of Christ is currently stuck in a holding pattern.

Actors Noah James, Shahar Isaac and Jonathan Roumie (left to right) in a scene from season one. Image: "The Chosen"/Instagram.

With more than 44 million views after just one season, The Chosen is a bona fide hit. Christian filmmaker Dallas Jenkins, the man who created and directs the show, plans over the course of seven or eight seasons to tell the entire Gospel story of Jesus' earthly ministry. And thanks in part to the program's free app, he has a hungry and growing global audience that is champing at the bit for season number two.

Dallas Jenkins gives direction during filming of season one. Image: "The Chosen."

Alas, as Jenkins acknowledges, though, he has no idea when production will begin, let alone when that second, eight-episode season will be ready for release. In a heart-felt and at times emotional post on social media, he tells fans he's "in a difficult place" and one where he "doesn't know the future" for the show.

It is not, however, because of a financing problem, which is often the case for these sorts of independent media projects. In fact, the Pay-It-Forward program Jenkins and his partners at VidAngel Studios are using to fund season two has already generated $6.16 million of the $10 million needed, meaning they've got more than enough money in hand right now to produce the first four episodes.

The biggest hurdle is finding a new location...the Texas facility used for season one is apparently no longer an option. Jenkins and his team are considering several new places, though according to him, all of them have drawbacks. In a moment of candor and humility, he adds he "has a lack of clarity and a lack of wisdom about the next six months and potentially the next few years."

"As of right now, I can't tell you where we're going to film our show next. I can't tell you if we're even going to film in 2020."

Jenkins, a man of faith, is currently devoting himself to prayer, asking God to show the way forward. And he is doing so at a friend's farm in Illinois where he shot The Shepherd, which served as the pilot episode that launched the series. The farm is a place of refuge for Jenkins, who says he visits it a few times a year, whenever he really wants to hear from the Lord on important matters.

He hopes to make some decisions in the next few weeks and Christian Film Blog will update you as warranted. In the meantime, we recommend you check out the entire message below from Jenkins. It runs about eight and half minutes and is a powerful testament to his faith and how he is earnestly turning to the Lord for guidance as he wrestles with this situation.


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