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Two Kendrick Brothers Movies to Release Later This Year

The Christian filmmakers will put out their first documentary and a reiteration of one of their hit feature films from a decade ago.

The Kendrick Brothers - Stephen, Alex and Shannon (from left). Image: The Kendrick Brothers.

After a year of almost no theatrical releases in 2020 because of the coronavirus, great news for faith-based movie fans: the top team in the Christian genre is releasing not one, but two films in theaters in 2021. The Kendrick Brothers - Alex, Stephen and Shannon - plan to put out their first documentary, Show Me the Father, in September and follow that up in October with Courageous Legacy, a remastered re-release of their 2011 hit feature Courageous.

According to a press release from Affirm Films, the Sony Pictures division that is the studio partner of the Kendricks, the documentary "aims to surprise viewers with captivating stories interwoven with inspirational truths about the fatherhood of God." Being both longtime Believers and fathers of 19 children between them, the Kendricks seem infinitely qualified to tackle the subject. Alex, who is executive producer on this one, hopes it will point people to our Heavenly Father, especially if they do not have a strong relationship with their earthly one.

"Even though fatherlessness is directly connected to so much brokenness in today's world, we wanted to go beyond traditional documentaries and show how God is the perfect Father and can amazingly provide the love and healing to anyone at any stage in life."

Their second film, Courageous Legacy, also focuses on the importance of fatherhood, as does the original Courageous, which it seems is basically being tweaked with new footage showing where the characters are 10 years later. Alex Kendrick says God has been touching people with that movie for a decade and that he and his brothers are "humbled and gratified" by its impact.

For those of you who like to plan ahead, the documentary Show Me the Father will hit theaters nationwide on September 10th. Courageous Legacy arrives on the silver screen just over a month later, October 15th, and Christian Film Blog will keep you updated on developments as we get them.


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