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"Unplanned" Author Addresses "R" Rating

Former abortion clinic director-turned-pro-life-advocate Abby Johnson isn't worried about the decision from the Motion Picture Association of America.

Abby Johnson, author of "Unplanned," the book that the upcoming film is based on.

The MPAA delivered its verdict a few days ago and drew swift criticism from the writer/director team of this pro-life Christian film, Chuck Konzelman and Cary Solomon. They issued a statement, saying it must mean the ratings body agrees abortion is violence and that it's ironic a teenage girl needs to get her parents' approval to see this movie, but can abort a baby without it.

Abby Johnson, the woman Unplanned is based on, seems less concerned. She shared her reaction to the ratings news in a statement to Fox News.

"We are pushing the boundaries of what has never been before on such a wide scale by showing America exactly what abortion is — and abortion is disturbing. It’s violent."

Johnson, who is played by Christian actress Ashley Bratcher, adds she does not feel the "R" rating will hurt the film, saying, "I believe people are ready for the truth."

One of the movie's financial backers, Mike Lindell - founder and CEO of My Pillow, Inc. - takes a harder line. He told Fox News he believes the MPAA decision to withhold a "PG-13" rating was a calculated maneuver to damage the film, but wants audiences to vote with their wallets.

"I hope millions of Americans will ignore this attempt at moviegoer suppression and flood the box office on opening day."

The filmmakers do not intend to appeal the MPAA's decision. Unplanned is set to debut nationwide on March 29th with the "R" rating.


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