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The Unseen Stars in "Breakthrough"

The on-screen cast in this Christian film really shines, but the ones behind the music turn in performances just as bright.

Josh Lucas, Chrissy Metz & Dennis Haysbert in a scene from "Unbroken."

Christian producer DeVon Franklin and the other filmmakers behind Breakthrough went all out putting the cast together: Chrissy Metz, Topher Grace, Josh Lucas, Mike Colter, Dennis Haysbert and Marcel Ruiz. And those actors deliver top-notch performances that led this picture to a top-three finish at the box office in its debut weekend and have brought in a revenue haul of nearly $19 million through its first week in release.

With all that star power on screen, it would be easy enough to overlook the soundtrack that contributes so much to the mood and feel of this true story about a teenage boy brought back to life through God's miraculous intervention. That, however, would be a mistake, because this is a supremely talented group of artists performing at the top of their collective game.

There are four Grammy winners - country megastar Carrie Underwood, Christian Rapper Lecrae, urban gospel giant Kirk Franklin (no relation to DeVon Franklin), and Darius Rucker - previously of Hootie & the Blowfish-fame: so we're talking about a group that, between them, possesses an absolute pile of the honorific statuettes. As if they were not enough, Christian musician Phil Wickham, country duo Maddie and Tea, and singer Mickey Guyton bring their talents to bear on this one as well.

In a word, wow! That is a load of heavy hitters. They are harmoniously woven together, too, which is no mean feat, considering they're from such disparate genres. Having seen the film and listened to the music, Christian Film Blog is convinced that this is a soundtrack worth owning. Here's a link if you are interested in doing so.

Oh, and which one is best? Despite all the aforementioned star power, for our money, Chrissy Metz steals the show with her new song, I'm Standing with You. Written by Diane Warren - yet another Grammy winner - it captures both the essence and spirit of this moving and redemptive picture and provides the perfect platform for Metz to show off the rich and emotive singing voice God has blessed her with to go along with her redoubtable presence in front of the camera.


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