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"The Mulligan" Star Tanya Christiansen Says it was a "Beautiful Experience"

The Christian actress particularly enjoyed working with Pat Boone and Eric Close.

Tanya Christiansen and Eric Close appear in a scene from "The Mulligan."
Tanya Christiansen and Eric Close appear in a scene from "The Mulligan." Image: Reelworks Studios.

The Mulligan hits theaters next week and it features golf as a backdrop to tell a tale of second chances, forgiveness and redemption. Based on a book by the same name, which is a golf term for a do-over of a bad shot, the faith-based film revolves around a successful businessman, played by Eric Close, who is estranged from his family and from God until the "Old Pro" - portrayed by '50s and '60s crooner Pat Boone - takes him under his wing.

Tanya Christiansen stars in the other principal role as the wife of Close's character and the mother of their son. In an interview with Christian Film Blog, she raved about the story - calling it "beautifully written" - and the movie's cast and crew.

"It was just a really beautiful experience that I've never had on a film set....we all got together to do a job, and we left as a family."

A Christian since she was a girl, she added that during production last year in Georgia, the team would eat dinner together, attend church on Sundays and even go hiking and kayaking when not working. The mother of two especially hit it off with her co-stars, Close and Boone. She calls the former "extremely professional" and "passionate about his work." As to the 87-year-old Boone, a devout Believer who has been starring in films since the late 1950s, Christiansen is effusive in her praise.

"I just love him. Every person who comes in contact with him, their life is changed for the better. He is gracious, sincere, highly intelligent - he remembers everything. He knows the Bible in and out. I loved every minute working with him."

A Tennessee native who has acted in movies like The Hate U Give, I Still Believe and First Lady, Christiansen felt a real connection to the part she plays in this one. Being a Believer herself, she could identify with her character, who is also a Christian. And though the actress has been happily married for 22 years, unlike the woman she portrays on screen, she instantly "liked her" and the way she fights for her marriage despite years of separation. It made Christiansen feel "this is a story that needs to be told."

"It's redemption, it's a do-over, it's a second chance in life. I just think that absolutely everybody can relate."

Christiansen, who does both secular and faith-based films, says she is "extremely grateful and appreciative" when she is able to join the cast in one of the latter kind, as is the case here, adding that it's a goal of hers to someday be on a Christian television series. In the meantime, she hopes The Mulligan will have a real impact.

"If we can affect one nonbeliever, or one person who's on the fence, or someone who believed and lost their faith - if one person gets turned around by this movie, then our job is done."

The Mulligan hits theaters next week for a limited engagement on April 18th and 19th via Fathom Events and you can find a theater in your area via this link to the company's website. In the meantime, the trailer below will give you a better feel for the movie.


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