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The Erwin Brothers Announce the 1st Picture of Their Lionsgate Deal

Updated: Feb 12, 2019

On the heels of their biggest hit, the Christian filmmakers are going back to the same well - a biopic about a Christian rocker.

Kevin Downes, Andrew Erwin and Jon Erwin. Image from the Erwin Brothers' Instagram page.

Andrew Erwin, Jon Erwin and their producing partner Kevin Downes took to social media outlet Instagram to tell fans they will make I Still Believe, a film about "the true-life spiritual journey" of Jeremy Camp, the multi-gold-album singer who has nearly 40 number one Christian singles to his credit. The movie takes its name from a song Camp wrote after the death of his wife. It is expected in theaters in the spring of 2020 and will be the inaugural effort under the deal the Erwins signed last year with Lionsgate.

Christian musician Jeremy Camp. Image from Jeremy Camp's Instagram page.

That arrangement calls for both film and TV fare from the Erwins, who will endeavor to duplicate their success from the smash hit I Can Only Imagine. That 2018 film - about the life of Christian rock star Bart Millard of Mercy Me - brought in $85 million in worldwide box office revenue and an additional $21 million via Blu-Ray and DVD sales; and it came on a production budget of just $7 million!

This will be the fifth feature film from the Alabama brothers, who got their start working in television production for college football games and are now among the heavy hitters in the Christian movie genre. Needless to say, expectations will be high for this film to perform well at the box office. The Erwins reportedly plan to begin shooting I Still Believe this spring and Christian Film Blog will keep you posted on developments.


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