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"The Blind" Crosses the $10-Million Threshold at the Box Office

Updated: Oct 9, 2023

That comes after a solid second weekend for this biopic about Phil Robertson, the "Duck Dynasty" patriarch.

Amelia Eve and Aron von Andrian appear in a scene from "The Blind."
Amelia Eve and Aron von Andrian appear in a scene from "The Blind." Image: Tread Lively productions/Fathom Events/screenshot from YouTube.

A good follow-up performance at the box office for The Blind, which brought in $3.2 million from Friday through Sunday, according to The Numbers website. That puts the film in fifth place overall - down one spot from its inaugural weekend - and takes total ticket sales above $10.5 million through 11 days in release.

The movie, which is set in the 1960s and stars British actor Aron von Andrian as Phil Robertson - tells the story of the latter's journey from a drunken philander to an upstanding husband and father after he placed his faith in Christ. Amelia Eve, another Briton, plays Kay Robertson, who refused to divorce Phil despite his reprobate lifestyle prior to salvation.

The Blind is currently scheduled to stay in theaters through October 15th, and you can purchase tickets to a venue in your area via this link to the website of distributor Fathom Events.


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